Selling Your House - Ensure You Stand Out From The Crowd

As reported in our recent Property Magazine, we are in a buyer’s market. The beginning of the year was beset with a shortage of properties but the arrival of the good weather this spring brought many more houses to the market.  Whilst there are also a lot of buyers out there, many have very specific requirements and simply will not compromise or pay more than they think a property is worth.

With more than 98% of buyers searching for their new home on property portals where they will see many others in the same area and price bracket, it is essential that yours stands out. You have around 2 seconds to grab a viewer’s attention so it is vital that your house is presented as well as possible from the outset and the quality of the photography is of a professional standard.  Also ensure you provide your agent with as much information as you can about your property’s best selling points; is there potential to extend or does it have any special period features for example.

A property will attract 70% of its viewings in the first two weeks so arm yourself with useful information in advance. For example, if you think your buyer is likely to appeal to a young family ensure you know something about the local school or playgroups. Similarly, if you think your buyer is more likely to be a retired couple, the social aspects of the village may be important to them so it’s worth having that information to hand when you conduct the viewings.

First impressions are really important so tidying up the front of the house is a must, as are keeping entrances and hallways clean and free of clutter. Remember you are not just selling a house, you are selling a lifestyle so buyers need to be able to see how they will live in the house. Rooms should be defined by their function so having a desk and computer in the dining room for example will suggest that you have run out of space and, with recent research suggesting that 80% of home viewers look into storage spaces such as the understairs cupboard, don’t be tempted to stash excess furniture or other items there. The same research states that 95% make a beeline for the windows so they can see the garden and check out the view so ensure windows are clean and ledges freshly painted and 70% look upwards so giving ceilings a fresh coat of paint will help give a good impression.

If you are considering selling and would like some advice on preparing your house for sale or a free valuation, please do call your local Mullucks Wells office. We would be delighted to help.