Mullucks Wells help Khandel light shine this Christmas

Leading estate agent Mullucks Wells has presented local charity Khandel light with a donation of £1,000.

The registered charity seeks to improve the quality of life in the Indian desert region of Khandel in Rajasthan – one of the poorest areas of the world. The community currently supported by the organisation consists of 26 villages with a population of around 30,000. The area concerned covers approximately 120 square miles - roughly equivalent to the rural section of the North Hertfordshire District, around the towns of Baldock, Hitchin, Letchworth and Royston.

Handing over the cheque, Residential Director William Wells who lives in Barley said: “At Mullucks Wells, we take our charitable obligations very seriously. And with Christmas almost upon us, our thoughts turn to those people so much worse off than ourselves. I am entirely confident that our donation of £1,000 to Khandel light will be wisely spent and will make a real difference.”

Khandel light encourages people in the Khandel region to help themselves, focussing on long term development projects - including access to clean water and sanitation, better health care, education and housing. It also aims to raise the status of women.

Founder of the charity, Dr Peter Gough, who works at the Barley practice in Royston, said: “We are thrilled with the generosity of the donation from Mullucks Wells. Life for the poorest villagers of Khandel is at the margins of existence; families lack almost all the fundamental amenities considered essential and largely taken for granted here in the UK. With the help of donations like this, Kandel light hopes to make a lasting difference - not only to families today, but also tomorrow.”

Back in April this year, Mullucks Wells announced that the estate agency had raised almost £60,000 (£57,592.50) for local charities in Hertfordshire and Essex, during fundraising to mark the company’s 21st Anniversary.

William Wells added: “Dr Gough and his fundraising team carry out some amazing work – particularly in such difficult economic times. We’re proud to play a part in helping a local charity improve the lives of some of the poorest people in the world.”