Mullucks initiates ‘green clean’ for 2020

Local estate agent Mullucks is starting the new year with a ‘green clean’ of every aspect of its business.

The firm is replacing its fleet of six company-owned cars with electric vehicles, installing charging points outside its offices and at the homes of staff with a car, and signing up to a scheme where the Mullucks contribution will offset an additional 100 tonnes of carbon every year.

The company has also ensured that all of its publications and ‘for sale’ boards are recyclable, halved the print run of its magazines by promoting its digital editions, and invested in technology to reduce the use of paper in its three offices in Bishop’s Stortford, Saffron Walden and Epping – particularly in the area of lettings, which traditionally uses a lot of printed material.

Mullucks Managing Director Daniel Galati said: “We wanted to do more than just pay lip service to being environmentally friendly. So we have taken a long, hard look at the business, and investigated every route we can take to make sure that everything we do is genuinely as green as possible. In some cases it might cost a little more – but we think it’s worth it.

“In fact, the very nature of estate agency means that some of the changes make perfect sense. For example, in order to visit our clients or value properties for instruction, we carry out a lot of short journeys to premises just a few miles away from our offices several times a day – which means that electric vehicles are ideally suited for the job.”

The move comes as global news agencies were repeating environmental warnings this month, confirming that the ten years to the end of 2019 were the warmest on record, and last year was the second warmest since 1850.

Daniel Galati added: “It’s clear that nowadays green issues are in their rightful place at the top of the news agenda. Nobody doubts that now. So, in a small way, we want to do what we can to play our part.

“This even extends to an examination of waste in our offices. Whilst we already separate plastic and paper, we are looking into eco-friendly waste distribution, to ensure that it doesn’t go to landfill. We’ve even experimenting with sourcing our milk delivery differently, so that we receive it in glass bottles, rather than in plastic containers.

“But we wanted to be pro-active too. So we are helping to support the creation of new woodlands in the UK, in order to mitigate the impact of our greenhouse gas emissions.

“So far, the scheme run by Forest Carbon has planted over seven million trees across the country, in woodlands independently audited and certified under the UK Woodland Carbon Code – the government-backed standard that provides complete assurance about the quality of carbon investment.

“The trees we have helped plant will not only offset our carbon emissions, but also make a contribution to a wider environmental benefit, as well as being a lasting reminder of why green issues affect us all.”